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Private Charter Flights Boca Raton

At Global Wings, we are pleased to manage an extensive private jet charter fleet and to serve, not only our customers in Boca Raton but worldwide. Whether you are looking to book an aircraft charter for business or for pleasure, just contact us with your details. Global Wings is here to find the perfect solution to your aircraft needs.  Our on-demand private aircraft charters may be the perfect travel option that you've been looking for!

Benefits of Booking a Charter Flight

Booking a charter flight offers many benefits and serves a wide variety of needs, from flying into executive meetings to a leisure flight that offers unmatched convenience. In short, flying a charter, as opposed to a commercial flight, gets you where your want to be and exactly when you want to be there. Charters let travelers skip the hassle of regular air travel, and in turn, lets you fly at your convenience on the aircraft of your choice.  If you are short on time, Global Wings charters are able to land at smaller executive airports, which can get you closer to your final destination and limit your extra travel time.  

What type of aircraft can I charter?

Here at Global Wings, we know each traveler's needs are different. That is why we have built a charter fleet of a huge variety of aircraft.  The smallest jets offer about three hours of flight time and can hold up to four passengers. Small jets are slightly larger and can travel up to four hours. They usually hold 6-7 passengers and include models such as Citation CJ2, Learjet 40, and the Hawker 400 XP.  Midsized jets, such as the Bombardier Learjet 60 or the Gulfstream G150, offer 5 hours of flight time and room for up to 8. Next up is the super midsized jet class. Here you will get room for ten and flight time extended to 7 hours. For cross-country trips and a large group, you can charter a heavy jet or ultra-long-range aircraft. Global Wings even offers charters for commercial-sized aircraft, medivac flights, and helicopters!

Private Charter Flight Services for Leisure

There is a growing trend of private plane rentals for leisure travel. There are obvious benefits to opting out of commercial flights, and with folks' busy lives, every moment of downtime must be valued. With a private jet charter, you can get to your destination closer and quicker, without the stress of a busy airport. Imagine, a family get-away where you don't have to deal with busy parking lots, long security lines, and delayed flights. Your charter will even wait for you if you are running late. That certainly doesn't happen on commercial flights! Furthermore, charter flight services such as the one at Global Wings offer a large variety of aircraft to choose from - so bring the entire extended family, or take a weekend with those closest to you. From a two-seater to a full-sized jet, contact us today to book your travel.

Charter Flights for Business

Why hire a charter flight for your business needs? Save time and get the ultimate convenience and flexibility with a private business jet rental. For many executives and key personnel whose schedule is packed with commitments in various sites or cities, a private jet will fit their schedule, as opposed to having to fit an airline's schedule for commercial travel.  Whether you need to work while in the air, host a virtual meeting, or even catch up on sleep, a private jet's comfort and privacy offer an environment that can't be matched on an airline.

Why Charter Your Flight with Global Wings?

With Global Wings on-demand air charter, you can enjoy the benefits of private aviation without the stress and financial responsibility of ownership. We continually strive to offer the best private air charter options and services to our customers. Get the personalized, on-demand travel experience you've been looking for, whether you’re flying on business or leisure. Global Wings of Boca Raton is the answer to your private flight needs. Call us today or fill out our online contact form for more info!

Private Jet Charter FAQS


Can you fly into more airports with a private jet?

Yes, you can! Private jet travel convenience means having access to five times more airports than commercial planes. Smaller jets don't need as long runways and can land in smaller airports that are unavailable to commercial airlines. 


What size aircraft are available for private charters? 

Charter companies, such as Global Wings, offer a huge selection of aircraft types to charter. Our fleet includes everything from turbo props to full-sized aircraft. The number of passengers depends on the aircraft size, so whether you are traveling as an individual or as an entire company, we have you covered!


Do private planes go through security?

Yes, they do. Private flights have the same security measures as commercial flights do. However, unlike with a commercial airliner, you would go through private jet terminals (FBOs), allowing you to board very quickly. 

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