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Citation XLS Private Jet For Sale

Global Wings of Boca Raton, FL, offers for sale the highly-regarded Citation XLS business jet. Built by Cessna since 1998, the Citation Excel line is one of the best-selling, mid-size private jets of all time. With a 2,100 nautical mile range, the Citation XLS offers a spacious interior and seating for 8 passengers. Best of all, it is offered by Global Wings, a highly-trusted aviation brokerage and management company. Continue reading below for more details, then view our inventory page to see what's currently in stock!

Cessna's Citation Family of Jets

Since 1972, when the first Citation model was released by Cessna, more than 7,500 Citations have been delivered, forming the largest business jet fleet there is. All of the models of the Citation family are twin-engine business jets. The current Citation line of private jets, from Cessna, spans in size from seven to twelve passengers and includes six different models. 

Citation XLS Cabin

The Citation XLS model jet offers room for up to eight passengers and is more than 18 feet in length. Besides the passenger seating, you will find a full refreshment center in the front and a lavatory and closet space in the rear. This jet features standup headroom, eleven windows for ample natural light, and a dropped, full-length aisle. There is also plenty of room in the cargo area of the plane. As a regional business jet, the Citation XLS' comfortable cabin space offers the perfect way to travel.

Citation XLS Performance

The Citation XLS has a flight range of up to four hours, and out-performs similar mid-sized private jets in takeoff, cruise, and landing. Models later than 2004 are powered by PW545B engines and feature a glass cockpit based on the Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS avionics suite. It has a range of 1,839 nautical miles, a 45000 max. ceiling, and a cruise speed of 422 knots. The Citation XLS' ability to take off and land on short runways allows access to many 'difficult-to-land-in' locations worldwide. The Citation's landing distance comes in at approximately 3700 feet and around 3,960 feet of runway to takeoff.

Find a Cessna Citation XLS For Sale at Global Wings

The XLS is a member of the bestselling private jets lines of all time, the Citation, and for good reason. Before Cessna moved on to the XLS+ edition, 330 Citation XLS model aircraft were produced. This midsize private jet flies into and out of smaller airports while offering exceptional comfort and premium amenities. If you have been searching for a private jet that fits the XLS description, then we here at Global Wings invite you to contact us today. 


Citation XLS Technology

  • Individual Video Monitors throughout the Cabin

  • Universal Power Outlets Accessible at Every Seat

  • Wi-Fi

  • Telephone


Citation XLS Specs

  • 8 Seats

  • 18'7 Cabin Length

  • 5'8 Cabin Height

  • Total Cabin Volume of 461 cu ft

  • 79 cu ft Baggage Capacity


Features of the Citation XLS

  • Spacious Cabin

  • Full Refreshment Center

  • Unmatched Luggage Capacity

  • EASA Certified

  • Access to Smaller Airports

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