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Private Jet Sales at Global Wings

In search of a private jet for sale? At Global Wings, we offer a variety of aircraft for sale and welcome you to view our current inventory right online! If you don’t see what you are looking for, please reach out to us, so that as our inventory changes, we can notify you when there’s a match. Global Wings is standing by to work with customers to find the perfect solution to their aircraft needs.

The Benefits of Private Jet Travel

There are many benefits to traveling on a private aircraft, including convenience, flexibility, and time savings. With private flights, you are not at the mercy of an airline's schedule. Running late? Your plane will wait for you. Checking in for your flight is a breeze; imagine avoiding the hassles of a large airport all together! For those with a busy work schedule that requires them to be in multiple locations, a private jet allows you to 100% dictate the schedule, rather than having to work around a commercial airline's flight times. Furthermore, flying privately allows you to make the most of your valuable time by offering privacy and convenience to hold business meetings, work efficiently, or relax/rest while in flight. You can also get much close to your final destination and save time on car travel as smaller jets are able to fly into regional airports that will be closer to where you need to be. Private aircraft have access to approximately 10 times as many airports than are available by commercial airline service, so time saved will quickly add up. 

What Is the Right Time to Buy a Private Jet?

Have you been considering the purchase of a private jet and wondering when the right time is to do so? It is of course largely dependent on your finances and needed flight hours, but the sale and use of private jets are higher than ever. More and more are turning away from commercial airline travel for their business needs, as well as leisure. It is important that prior to your purchase, you consider all aspects of private aircraft ownership, such as ongoing maintenance costs and operational expenses. You can also take into account tax benefits as well as potential income earned from chartering out your plane. It’s a big decision to go ahead with a private jet purchase, and there's a lot to consider. If you are interested in the process or would like some guidance, Global Wings is always here to help!  


What Type of Private Aircraft is Right for Me?

If you are at the point in searching for the perfect aircraft for your needs, you’ll need to take a considerable amount of time to determine which private jet is right for you. The first step is to know which type of jet you are searching for! There are various categories of private aircraft, including the smallest one - turbo-props, the largest - 'heavy' aircraft, and the ones in between - light aircraft, mid-sized, and super-midsized. When buying a private jet you should also consider the average number of hours you fly each year, your target financial investment, tax factors, and basic needs for a jet, such as passenger capacity and flight range.  


Can I Make Money From Owning a Private Jet?

There are ways to offset costs of the purchase price, maintenance, and usage of a private aircraft. If you are considering a jet purchase, you way want to also consider using it for private charters. It's a great option for bringing in income from your investment, and depending on the frequency it is used for charters, you could actually make a profit.   However, it is also important to realize that setting up your plane for chartering has many aspects to it. Because of this, for most, it is worthwhile to partner with a charter brokerage company, such as us here at Global Wings! Our charter management will help find clients and handle the chartering for you. 

Private Jet Sales from Global Wings of Boca Raton

Having your own private jet saves time, ensures a level of security and privacy, and is the perfect solution to both personal and business travel needs for many. While the purchase of an aircraft may seem overwhelming, we here at Global Wings will be with you every step of the way.  We will lead you on the path to finding the perfect type of aircraft, make sure you are educated on ownership factors and expenses, and of course, help you through to the final details of the purchase. Check out our current inventory of used private jets for sale, and Contact Global Wings of Boca Raton today for more information.

Private Jet Sales FAQS


Which Aircraft is Right for You?

That depends on multiple factors. But start with these questions:


  • Will it be used for business or pleasure?

  • What distance do you expect to regularly travel

  • How many passengers do you expect?


How Much Does a Private Jet Cost

The cost of buying a private jet can vary greatly. Factors include aircraft size, age, and condition. To get an idea of what your budget might need to be, give us a call here at Global Wings at 1-561-391-3919.


What are Ownership Costs of a Private Jet?

Make sure to consider ongoing ownership costs. They include:

  • Routine maintenance

  • On-the-ground storage

  • Crew salaries

  • Aircraft insurance.  

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