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Shared Ownership

With shared ownership, you own a share of an aircraft together with other local, compatible individuals. Fixed expenses are allocated proportionately to the percentage of asset ownership. Our objective is to help you find the best aircraft to accommodate your needs and desires. Often, the transition to a different aircraft will have lingering financial obligations. Unburden yourself; Global Wings can take your current aircraft, large or small, in trade towards your future asset. When you choose to fly simply pay direct operation costs which include: fuel, engine reserves, and maintenance reserves.

Advantages of Shared Ownership Include:

  • Purchase only as much airplane as you need

  • Joint holding with like-minded owners

  • Familiar faces on every flight

  • Share direct operating expenses when traveling with a co-owner

  • Receive distinctive service for your payment not “in the range”

  • Potential for reducing expenses through a Part 135 charter program

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