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Aircraft Management

At Global Wings our primary goal is the fiscal security of your asset. We fulfill our fiduciary duty with ethical business practices, including unrivaled transparency. By delegating management to us, you benefit from all the satisfaction of aircraft ownership without any of the administrative, regulatory, or operational responsibilities.

Global Wings Will:

  • Professionally hire, train, and supervise all crew members

  • Assure continual regulatory compliance

  • Coordinate and oversee scheduled maintenance to ensure asset optimization

  • Administer accounts receivable and payable along with detailed monthly reporting

  • Provide thorough flight coordination

  • Administer discounts on fuel, insurance, & crew services

  • Aid logistics planning and management 

  • Evaluate the most cost effective parts sourcing strategies, and consider the overall operational schedule of the aircraft to minimize downtime as well as cost, without compromising safety

  • Anticipate your needs and provide supplemental lift for unforeseen circumstances

  • Deliver 24/7/365 trademark customer service

Our aircraft management services are customized to your needs. Choose to retain exclusive use of your aircraft as Part 91 or elect to offset the fixed expenses of aircraft ownership by placing your aircraft on a Part 135 charter certificate with a qualified and reputable charter operator. Consider shared ownership with another qualified, local individual, in order to reduce your share of fixed costs.

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